Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift is manufactured in a FDA approved laboratory.

To start the flow of the La Différence Cosmetics applicator, first remove the clear plastic and then the white plastic nib. Pump several times and your first dosage will appear.

Test studies have shown a full effect of up to 8 hours and a lasting cumulative effect.

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift is a complement to your beauty routine and is designed to work under makeup. It has to be applied first on a perfectly washed skin, after which you follow all the steps of your routine.

It means you applied too much serum. You can dab the area with a little amount of water to smooth it out.

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift is designed to work with even the most sensitive skin types. However, if you experience redness or a burning sensation, discontinue the usage.


It depends on the amount you use daily. An applicator gives you 70-80 dosages.

La Différence Instant Face Lift can be removed with your usual cleanser or simply with water.

La Différence Instant Face Lift should be stored at room temperature and avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures.

No, La Différence Cosmetics does not test on animals.

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics uses only the finest ingredients, formulated specially for men and women to firm and tighten the skin. Please check the ingredients description on our product page.

La Différence Cosmetics uses preservatives only as absolutely needed and that are FDA approved. It does not contain paraben.

The expiration date for La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift is 12 months after opening and the shelf life is marked on the individual syringe.

No perfume or scent is added to the ingredients of La Différence Cosmetics.

The active ingredients are specially formulated from cutting edge technology. They are the Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex.

La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift is designed as a complement to your beauty routine; it is not a replacement.

La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift must be applied on a freshly washed dry face or right after your serum. To guide you, we prepared a video on the product page of our website.

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift is formulated to lift and tighten the skin of men and women.

La Différence Cosmetics works. It uses only the finest ingredients with cutting edge technology and is manufactured in a US, FDA approved Laboratory.

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics is available for individuals or wholesalers. The wholesaler must refer to the "wholesaler registration" link on the homepage.


La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift online orders is secure. We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for every transaction.

La Différence Cosmetics Instant Face Lift uses Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Your credit card will be charged the day your items are purchased.

We have various shipping methods. Shipping can be calculated on the Shopping Cart page once an item is added.

All orders are processed within 3 working days and shipped Monday through Friday.

Yes, La Différence Cosmetics is shipped all over the world. Shipping is not included.

La Différence Cosmetics shall automatically charge applicable sales tax for orders to be delivered within the state of Florida. Each customer shall be solely responsible for any additional taxes or duty when the item is shipped internationally. All sales taxes, or other taxes on orders shipped to any other state or country will be the sole responsibility of the client.

If a product is out of stock we will contact you before your order is shipped. We will send you an email as soon as product is in stock.

You have 24 hours to cancel your order once it is placed.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused portion (at least 3/4 full) within 30 days of purchase date with a copy of your bill, indicate the reason of your return.

Expect to received a refund within 21 business days from the time the product is received by our company. Regrettably shipping and handling charges ($79.00) are not refundable.

When your order arrives, please inspect the contents. If damage has occurred to the item(s) during transportation, please contact us immediately by email at info@ladifferencecosmetics.com Please provide the order number along with your e-mail address and phone number for fastest service. To assure prompt resolution, please retain the shipping box, packing materials and the damaged items for inspection by the carrier.